Pro Trump Politician Scores Big Win

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The Argentinian right-wing candidate Javier Milei has won the country’s primary election. This has been a huge shock to the political establishment, and reminded many of Trump’s victory in 2016.

Milei has advocated for pro-gun positions. He also attacked sex education in schools and the severity of climate change. PBS reports:

The Argentine peso plunged Monday after a 52-year—old anti-establishment candidate who admires former President Donald Trump came first in primary elections that will help determine the country’s next president.

Javier Milei rocked Argentina’s political establishment Sunday by receiving the biggest share of primary votes for presidential candidates in the October general election to determine who leads a nation battered by economic woes.

Milei has advocated for closer ties to the United States. He also wants to replace the local currency with the US Dollar. A few countries, such as Ecuador, have done so. While it limits a country’s economic sovereignty, it also acts as a shield against runaway inflation so common in Argentina.Fox News continues:

“I’m very happy, we’re looking for a change. We’re tired of living like this,” Franco Lesertessur, 19, said, celebrating outside Milei’s election headquarters in Buenos Aires. “All the countries that have been dollarized ended up moving forward and stopped having inflation.”

The governing coalition, Union for the Homeland, took a beating from voters over the poor state of the economy, finishing in third place for total votes.

Milei will still have to win in the general election. His election could be an opportunity for Argentinians to declare their displeasure with the ruling class.


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