Ukraine Drone Warfare Escalates

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Ukraine has escalated its drone attack on Russia itself, intending to put pressure on its enemy’s homeland.

Some of the targets included disrupting air traffic, destroying supply depots, and harming naval bases. Reuters reports:

Russia said it had thwarted a coordinated Ukrainian attack on Crimea early on Sunday, while drones also targeted Moscow, disrupting air traffic in the capital, and caused a fire at an oil depot in the southwest of the country.

Ukraine in recent days has launched a series of strikes on Russian military targets in occupied Crimea, including the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet’s facilities, seeking to undermine Moscow’s war efforts in the critical region.

By targeting Russia’s logistical chain, Ukraine hopes to degrade Russia’s power in Ukraine itself. Rather than highlight the attacks to rally its citizens, Russia has been quietly burying the news. The Moscow Times continues:

Since Ukraine launched its counteroffensive in early June, Russia has weathered waves of drone attacks that have sporadically damaged buildings, including in the capital.

Russian officials have downplayed the significance of the attacks.

Ukraine is limited in its options to strike at Russia. Any invasion of troops or aircraft would galvanize the Russian public which is currently ambivalent about the war.

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