Israel Delivers Message To Jew-haters

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Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is publicly speaking about Hamas’s mass murders.

In a powerful analogy, Gallant said that Israel is living in “2023, not 1943.” The Times of Israelreports:

“We have been hit hard. Yet make no mistake – 2023 is not 1943. We are the same Jews, but we have different capabilities. The State of Israel is strong. We are united and powerful,” he said.

“Hamas is the ISIS of Gaza, a savage organization, funded and supported by Iran. Hamas is ISIS,” he said. “The ISIS of Gaza will not exist, on our borders. The IDF will destroy Hamas. And we will hunt down every last man with the blood of our children on his hands.”

The 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are now completely locked down. Israel has stated that it will reopen supply lines as soon as all hostages are released. CNN reports:

The UN said withholding essential supplies will “precipitate a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where its population is now at inescapable risk of starvation.”

Food and water are “quickly running out,” the deputy head of emergencies of the UN World Food Programme, Brian Lander, said Thursday.

Israel’s initial strategy seems to force Hamas to bring its hostages back, but it is unlikely it will stop at that.



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