Netanyahu Charts Out Gaza’s Future

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Netanyahu has stated that he would not support leaving moderate Palestinians in control of Gaza. The other options would be to make a peace deal with Hamas, which few in Israel want, or occupy the territory themselves as it did prior to 2006.

The Biden Administration has stated that it did not want Israel to reoccupy Gaza, that it should instead leave the moderate Palestinian Authority to manage administration and security. The Hill says:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday that Israel would not support a Palestinian Authority-led government in Gaza after it completes a war to eliminate Hamas in the territory, going against pressure from the U.S.

The Biden administration has repeatedly emphasized that Israel must not “reoccupy” Gaza at the end of the conflict, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying this week that the Palestinian Authority — which operates the West Bank government — should take control.

While Netanyahu received a temporary bump in support following the attack, he is now faced with growing domestic problems. NPR continues:

In Israel, grief and anger are raw after Hamas militants stormed into parts of the country on Oct. 7, killing about 1,200 people, according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and kidnapping more than 240. In response, the Israeli military has unleashed more than a month of heavy attacks and a total siege on the Gaza Strip, which is ruled by Hamas. Israel’s offensive has left more than 11,000 Palestinians dead in Gaza, according to the Health Ministry there.

But a growing number of Israelis are blaming their own prime minister for security lapses that may have made the country more vulnerable.

The Palestinian Question is proving more and more difficult for Israel to solve. It could annex the north of the city following the expulsion of Palestinians. This would prove difficult for Israel’s neighbors to accept, isolating it further. It could occupy the Strip with Israeli soldiers, though this would stretch Israel thin. Brining in the Palestinian Authority could make it easier for Israel, but they would be seen as collaborators and make Hamas look more legitimate.

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