Iran Rocked by Bombing

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Iran suffered a terrorist attack when two bombs went off in Teheran. The bombings occurred during a march to commemorate the assassination of Suleimani by the United States in 2020.

The bombing was conducted by a remote control, after bags were set down on the parade route. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing. The NY Times reports:

A pair of explosions in Iran on Wednesday in the cemetery where Iran’s former top military general, Qassim Suleimani, is buried killed 73 people and wounded 171, according to Iranian officials, heightening tensions in the region even further a day after a drone strike killed several Hamas officials in a suburb of Beirut, Lebanon.

Iranian officials told state media that a pair of bombs placed in bags along the route of the cemetery had exploded as a procession of people was on its way to the cemetery to commemorate the four-year anniversary of Mr. Suleimani’s assassination by the United States. The officials said the explosion occurred after two bags filled with explosives detonated, apparently via remote control, leaving bodies in pieces on the ground.

It is very likely that Israel is responsible for it, in retaliation for Iran’s supporting Hamas. Israel has demonstrated it can strike targets inside Iran using infiltrated assets. The AP continues:

The first bomb Wednesday was detonated around 3 p.m., and the other went off some 20 minutes later, the Iranian interior minister, Ahmad Vahidi, told state television. He said the second blast killed and wounded the most people.

Images and video shared on social media appeared to correspond with the accounts of officials, who said the first blast happened about 700 meters (765 yards) from Soleimani’s grave in the Kerman Martyrs Cemetery near a parking lot. The crowd then rushed west along Shohada Street, where the second blast struck about 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) from the grave.

The War in Gaza continues, but has so far limited outside intervention in the conflict itself. Houthi attacks on shipping are still the biggest factor that could involve other countries.

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