Hamas Hostages Reach 100 Day Mark

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  • Israeli hostages in the hands of Hamas have now endured 100 days of captivity. By extension, this marks 100 days since Israel suffered over 1,000 people in the terrorist stack.

Hamas has released communications about the status of the hostages, and promised to release more information soon. The NY Post says:

Hamas released a video Sunday of three Israeli captives – including Nova rave attendee Noa Argamani, who became the face of the hostage crisis after footage showed her being dragged off on a motorcycle.

The video included a disturbing teaser: “Tomorrow we will inform you of their Fate.”

Biden and Blinken have both expressed resolve to get all hostages released. Six Americans are still in the hands of Hamas. The Hill says:

President Biden marked 100 days since hostages were taken from Israel on Oct. 7, reiterating his commitment to rescue the approximately 140 people still held by Hamas in Gaza, including as many as six Americans.

“For 100 days, they have existed in fear for their lives, not knowing what tomorrow will bring,” Biden said in a statement. “For 100 days, their families have lived in agony, praying for the safe return of their loved ones. And for each of those 100 days, the hostages and their families have been at the forefront of my mind as my national security team and I have worked non-stop to try to secure their freedom.”

The hostages are a primary motivator for the Israeli Army to find. Israel is seen as a safe haven for Jews due to the security forces’ relentless protection. A failure to get hostages back could be a large blow to Israel’s prestige.

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