World Elites Fear Trump Return

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President Trump won a total victory in the Iowa Caucus, winning more than half of all votes in the state. His apparent victory has world elites worried at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Trump is seen as a danger to some financiers due to his strong criticism of international trade. The World Economic Forum also has a globalist bent, pitting it against the MAGA agenda.CNBC says:

Donald Trump is not among the attendees at this year’s edition of the World Economic Forum in Davos, but his potential reelection as president of the United States is very much part of the conversation at the Swiss Alpine resort.

“Every question I’ve gotten as I’ve walked up and down the Davos Promenade today is, ‘is he coming back?’,” Tim Adams, president of the Institute of International Finance, told CNBC Tuesday..

Europeans in particular are worried. Trump has repeatedly called out Europe over its disarmament, which it uses to fund social spending instead. The Telegraph continues:

Donald Trump’s re-election would pose a “fundamental” challenge to Europe, according to the leader of the world’s largest asset manager.

Philipp Hildebrand, vice chairman at Blackrock, said the re-election of the former US President “would challenge Europe fundamentally” following a decades-long dependence on America for leadership on the world stage.

Elites speaking out against Trump will only help his reelection chances. Rather than do some soul searching as to why Trump is popular, Davos would rather conspire against him.

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