Airman Does This INSANE Act

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Photo Credit: 12019, via Pixabay

An active duty US Airman lit himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC. DC police responded to a call of a man on fire in the Van Ness neighborhood, right in front of the embassy.

While live-streaming his immolation, the Airman claimed to do so in support of Palestine. He claimed that he no longer wanted to abet genocide. Fox News reports:

DC police said its explosive ordnance disposal team was requested to the scene due to a suspicious vehicle that may be connected to the individual.

”I can confirm an active duty Airman involved in today’s incident,” U.S. Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek told Fox News Digital in a statement.

While servicemen have the right to their own opinion, political actions while in uniform are strictly forbidden. The NY Times has the following details:

The man appeared to have filmed the protest and livestreamed it on the social media platform Twitch at the time that the police said they responded to the incident. The New York Times could not confirm who was behind the account that posted the video, but the video featured a man walking toward the Israeli Embassy in Washington.

“I will no longer be complicit in genocide,” a man said in the video, echoing language that opponents of Israel’s military action in Gaza have used to describe the campaign. “I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest.”

The military could have more unhinged members willing to die for their left wing causes. Biden’s DoD, however, has been persecuting conservatives in uniform instead, including anti-White woke training.

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