Two of America’s Enemies Could Go To War

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Afghanistan and Iran are at each others throats, with border clashes over water rights devolving into full blown border clashes,Task and Purpose reports. The heavy use of NATO kit, such as Humvees or M240 machine guns, is a painful remainder of the $7.12 billion the US military and the Biden administration let fall in the hands of an enemy.

An Afghan deputy defense minister vowed to fight Iran “with more enthusiasm” than the United States, proclaiming that Taliban fighters could conquer the country in 24 hours. Although an obvious exaggeration, the Taliban have been hardened by years of fighting the most powerful and sophisticated fighting force in the world, and would certainly prove a deadly threat against Iranian troops.

The Taliban’s position in Central Asia is unique. It has a vast arsenal left over from America’s occupation, is on unfriendly terms with its neighbors Pakistan and Iran, and has a transactional relation with China and Russia. The Taliban have also proved to make strange bedfellows when dealing with ISIS. Rather than the weapons being funneled to harm Americans and their allies, their use to tie down Iranian troops could prove beneficial to American foreign policy.


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