France Rocked By Major Insurrection

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France has been rocked by a fourth day of rioting following the killing of a 17 year old by police officers. Fox News reports that a full 45,000 police officers have been mobilized to quell the riots, including tactical units BRI, RAID, and GIGN which responded to the massive terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015.

Macron has blamed social media and video games for the rapid spread of the riots. Recording on Snapchat, TikTok and other social media accounts has both informed the public of the scale of the riots, but also pushed others to seek fame with their actions. Macron’s popularity took a hit following videos of him dancing at an Elton John concert while Paris was burning.

Major libraries have been set ablaze across the country, including those in Marseille and Metz which contained ancient documents.


More disturbingly, rioters have seized firearms from gun shops in addition to black market fully-automatic rifles. Some have been setting themselves up as urban snipers.


Grenades, many flowing from conflict in the Middle East or Eastern Europe, have also made appearances.

Still others have been spotted with belt-fed machine guns, a sight unseen in European riots previously.

Should security services and rioters exchange live fire, the French government might have to call in the Army to put down the insurrection.


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