China Hacks Top American Diplomats

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The top American diplomats responsible for China were victims of a hack, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Nicholas Burns, US Ambassador to China, and Daniel Kritenbrink, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, were hacked in a targeted cyber espionage ploy originating from Beijing itself. Hundreds of thousands of their emails are believed to be in the possession of China.

The senior officials’s correspondence was not classified, but included sensitive details pertaining to Anthony Blinken’s visit to the country. With internal communication, China is now able to know where to press America during negotiations.

The hack was possible due to a fatal flow in Microsoft’s infrastructure. According to security experts, the attack attempted to cover its tracks and resembled sophisticated espionage rather than brute force burglary.

Knowing American priorities and strategies regarding China, that country can now steer negotiations towards its own goals. International issues which China has interests in include the Ukraine War, energy exports, the spy balloon over America, and its intelligence post in Cuba.


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