North Korea’s Shocking Parade

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North Korea has conducted a new military parade to celebrate the end of the Korean War in 1953, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Kim Jong Un’s parade was attended by senior Russian and Chinese officials. North Korea included many nuclear capable missiles, including some capable of reaching the Continental United States.

The ceremony was a diplomatic opportunity for North Korea to show its support for Russia in its continuing war in Ukraine. China, Russia, and North Korea have been growing closer in opposition to the United States and its allies. Rather than put pressure on its ally regarding ballistic missiles and nuclear tests, the Kim regime now has carte blanche to continue its weapon development.

Due to economic difficulties, North Korea has been focusing on low cost advances in cyber warfare, tactical nuclear arms, and drones. Some of the drones looked like exact copies of American Reaper and Global Hawk, but do not yet possess critical hardware that would make them combat capable.

The North Korean Defense Minister declared that nuclear war was certain if the regime was threatened. North Korea has officially incorporated nuclear weapons in its legal documents and does not want to give up its capability. Weapon tests are expected to continue as part of the five-year modernization plan.


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