China Embarrasses Biden

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The Chinese government received Henry Kissinger, the man who opened China for Nixon, while ignoring Biden’s envoy John Kerry, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Kissinger was honored by Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and met with the Defense Minister. Kissinger was referred to as an “Old Friend” of China. The 100 year old man has been taking a more pro-China line, especially when it comes to the “One China Policy.” This policy rejects Taiwan being an independent state, pressing for unification.

In contrast, the Biden Administration has been openly backing Taiwan. Rather than remain ambiguous, Joe Biden said on camera that the US would militarily support Taiwan. This has forced greater military focus on Taiwan, further stretching American commitments across the globe while not increasing the size of the military.

The State Department has hoped to send its own envoys following Kissinger in an attempt to capitalize on good will. Instead, Xi refused to meet with climate envoy and former Secretary of State John Kerry. China also declared Sino-American relations to be at rock bottom:

In his meeting with Kissinger, Li said “some people in the United States did not meet China halfway, causing China-U.S. relations to hover at the lowest point since the establishment of diplomatic relations,” according to a readout from China’s Defense Ministry. He called on Washington to adopt the “correct strategic judgment,” saying he still held out hope for improved relations.

The Biden Administration is struggling to match its rhetoric with actions, angering China while not intimidating it enough to back down.


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