Hostile Fleets Patrol American Shores

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Photo Credit: 12019, via Pixabay

The Russian and Chinese navies conducted maritime patrols near the coast of Alaska, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Eleven ships patrolled just outside the sovereign waters of the Aleutian Islands, the Westernmost chain of Alaskan islands. In response, the US Navy deployed four destroyers and patrol aircrafts to shadow the maneuvers. Last year, similar maneuvers were only shadowed by Coast Guard cutters.

This patrol is a particularly aggressive move towards the United States. The Aleutian Islands of Attu and Kiska were seized by Japan in 1942, the only time in recent history that parts of America were militarily occupied. Russian leaders have also floated the idea of “retaking” Alaska in retaliation for Western sanctions.

For Russia, the Pacific theater is secondary to its European lands, where the bulk of its population and economy resides. Its decision to harass American troops in that area has to be taken in context of its war in Ukraine, hoping to pull American resources in multiple directions.

China’s participation is a more direct warning of its capabilities against Taiwan. Not only is its naval power growing, but its coordination with Russia could be what tips the balance of power in its favor.


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