World Class Tank Destroyed

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A Challenger 2 tank, Britain’s main battle tank, was destroyed in Ukraine by Russian forces.

The Challenger 2 is one of the very best main battle tanks (MBT) in the world, comparable to the Abrams, Leclerc, and Leopard tanks. MBTs have dominated the battlefield in low intensity conflicts, proving almost impossible to knock out using small anti-tank weapons common throughout the world. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Russian forces struck and immobilized a British tank supplied to Ukrainian forces for the first time as Kyiv pushes some of its best equipment into a salient in the southeast in search of a breakthrough.

The loss of the Challenger 2 tank, confirmed by British officials, comes as Ukraine is seeking to expand cracks in the main Russian defensive line. But multilayered defenses remain a major challenge for Ukraine’s counteroffensive momentum.

MBTs are traditionally used to spearhead armored thrusts. Their destruction by entrenched Russian positions is a dark sign for the capabilities of Ukraine’s counterattack. The Kyiv Independent continues:

“It may be the first loss, as far as we’re aware… We gifted 14 of these Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine. We accept that in the war zone, there can be material losses,” Shapps said, adding that London does not plan to replace the vehicle.

According to the defense secretary, the tank was hit by artillery, and as the crew was attempting to put out a fire, it was hit again. Shapps stressed that all six crew members have survived.

The war in Ukraine should also be a wakeup call for NATO members. Too many have put their faith in expensive equipment like tanks. Eastern NATO countries might take heed and begin fortifying their own borders with Russia, incorporating Russian successes in defensive operations.

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