Criticism Against Ukraine Aid Comes From Unlikely Actor

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The left-leaning President of Mexico has slammed the United States for its huge aid to Mexico. This creates a surprising agreement between him and stalwart US Republicans.

At the same time, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) is grounding his criticism of Ukraine War aid by comparing it to the much smaller aid package destined for Latin America. Fox News reports:

Mexico’s president on Friday slammed U.S. aid for Ukraine and economic sanctions on Venezuela, Cuba and other nations as the first of two high-level U.S.-Mexico meetings got underway in Washington.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador issued a broad criticism of U.S. foreign policy, saying U.S. economic sanctions were forcing people to emigrate from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

AMLO has been broadly supportive of Western Hemisphere countries that he sees as being isolated by the United States. However, AMLO was also been able to better control migration to the United States when President Trump was in power and implemented the “remain in Mexico” deal.

“It’s more, a lot more, what they authorize for the war in Ukraine than what they give to help with poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

The Mexican ruler, 69, is calling for some of the money allocated to Ukraine be used to help Latin America and the Caribbean and for a US program to “remove blockades and stop harassing independent and free countries.”

Mexico is correct in saying that the United States has been neglecting to manage its neighbors. For many years, America was able to enforce the Monroe doctrine. Now, Russia, China, and others have been able to forge ties with Latin America and slowly expand their influence in the Americas.

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