Chinese Navy Suffers Catastrophic Failure

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The Chinese Navy suffered a great defeat when one of its submarines sank. The exact nature of the accident is held closely by the Red Navy but details have begun to emerge.

The Chinese government has built a series of underwater traps to repel Western submarines. One of China’s own newer nuclear submarine got caught it the trap, preventing escape and leading to the death of 55 sailors. Marine Insight reports:

According to Western intelligence estimates, 55 Chinese sailors were killed when a nuclear submarine became stuck underwater, however, China denies this.

Reports by UK intelligence specialists indicate that the 107m sub struck a special chain and anchor catch designed to trap Western vessels that keep lurking off the Shandong region in China.

In some ways, Submarines have become the new capital ship of the era. They are used for nuclear deterrence, are prime undetectable ship-killers, and are excellent at spying because they can deliver operatives on shores. Sky News received the following quotes:

This incident may be a signal that the Chinese government ought to be taking notice of,” Mr Patrick told Sky News Australia. 

“This raises concerns about when you’ve got a submarine force that is not operating as professionally as one might hope, it can cause incidents.

The Chinese Navy is quickly growing in both number of ships and tonnage. Its expertise in naval warfare, however, is limited. Without proper crew training, its effectiveness will be limited.

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