Hamas Threatens New Level of Savagery

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Hamas now has over a hundred Israeli hostages in its grasp, held within the Gaza Strip. Following Israeli strikes, Hamas has called Israel to stop or else face the execution of hostages on the internet.

Hamas leaders are secretly fearing Israel’s wrath. They expect to lose militarily but hope that Israel will suffer politically in favor of the Palestinian cause. Fox News reports:

Hamas warned on Monday that it would begin killing Israeli civilians held captive for every new Israeli bombing of civilian homes without warning.

The message came from Iran-backed Hamas’ armed wing spokesperson Abu Ubaida, who said Hamas has been complying and acting within Islamic instructions, keeping Israeli captives safe and sound. Hamas launched brutal attacks on Israel on Saturday, killing more than 250 at a music festival. 

America is directly being dragged into this conflict due to some American citizens being taken hostage and killed. CBS reports:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday morning that the U.S. was working to verify reports that Americans have been killed or taken hostage as Hamas militants launched a large-scale offensive against Israel

“We’ve got reports that several Americans are among the dead. We’re working very actively to verify those reports. At the same time, the reports of Americans being taken hostage — there too, we’re working to get the facts to find out if those reports are accurate,” Blinken told “Face the Nation” on Sunday. 

Hamas’s livestream of murdering hostages will most likely turn the opinion of the world even further against it.

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