Israel Punishes Top Terrorists

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Israel has managed to track down the two Hamas commanders who led the raid into its territory.

The IDF conducted an airstrike on Hamas headquarters in the Strip, where . Reuters reports:

Israel’s military said on Saturday it killed two Hamas commanders who were behind the cross-border deadly rampage into Israel a week ago.

The military said it killed Merad Abu Merad, who was the head of the Hamas aerial system, and Ali Qadi, a company commander of a commando force.

Beyond simple retribution, these bombings served a military objective. The fighters who penetrated Israel’s defenses belonged to Hamas’s special forces. Their elimination will make any ground fighting in Gaza easier. Yahoo News has the IDF’s quote:

“Furthermore, over the past day, IDF fighter jets struck operational headquarters used by the Hamas terrorist organisation from which the terrorist organisation’s aerial activity was managed.

During the strike, IDF fighter jets killed Merad Abu Merad who was the head of the Hamas Aerial System in Gaza City, and was largely responsible for directing terrorists during the massacre on Saturday.”

Israel ground troops have still not crossed the line with the Gaza Strip, but have been massing combat power, including calling up reservists.

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