Terror Wave Sweeps The West

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Islamic Terrorism is spreading throughout Western countries, causing mayhem. Hamas leadership had called on all Muslims to wage a jihad on Friday October 13, where some lone wolfs did.

In Belgium, home to large unassimilated Islamic communities, a Muslim gunman went on a rampage against civilians. The death toll has risen to 2, but the gunman was not yet apprehended. Reuters reports:

Two Swedish nationals were shot to death and a third person was wounded in central Brussels on Monday night, and a man who identified himself as a member of the Islamic State claimed responsibility in a video posted online.

The suspected assailant fled the scene after the shooting as a football match between Belgium and Sweden was about to start, triggering a massive manhunt and prompting Belgium to raise its terror alert to the highest level.

An earlier attack occurred in France, where a schoolteacher was brutally hacked by a Chechen student. Another Chechen terrorist had beheaded another French schoolteacher several years prior. France24 says:

The attack was being investigated as potential terrorism amid soaring global tensions over the war between Israel and Hamas. It also happened almost three years after another teacher, Samuel Paty, was beheaded by a radicalised Chechen near a Paris area school.

French anti-terror prosecutors were leading the investigation into the stabbings at the Gambetta-Carnot school, which enrolls students ages 11-18 and is located in the city of Arras, some 115 miles (185 kilometers) north of Paris.

While Islamic attacks predominate, anti-Muslim terrorism is also on the rise. A landlord in Illinois brutally stabbed a 6 year old boy and his mother due to their Muslim faith and their Middle-Eastern origin. The NY Times continues:

The authorities in suburban Chicago accused a man of fatally stabbing a 6-year-old boy on Saturday and seriously wounding the boy’s mother because they were Muslim, an attack that officials tied to the violence in Israel and Gaza.

The killing in Illinois alarmed Muslim leaders, who called on American politicians and journalists to more fully reflect the humanity of Palestinian people as they address the conflict overseas.

The faster the immediate situation in Gaza is resolved, the quicker those attacks will cease. The Israeli Army is still massing its combat power, but its ground attack on Gaza could occur at anytime.

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