Israeli Hostage Tragically Found

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One of Israel’s civilians who was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 was found dead. This happened as Israel’s troops are fighting their way through Gaza.

The hostage was a young German-Israeli woman who had participated in the music festival which Hamas attacked. CNN reports:

A 23-year-old German-Israeli woman who was kidnapped from the Nova music festival by Hamas militants on October 7 has been declared dead, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said.

“We are devastated to share that the body of 23 year old German-Israeli Shani (Louk) was found and identified,” the ministry posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday.

The hostage was allegedly found beheaded. It is unknown if she was executed soon after her kidnapping or as Israeli troops approached.Fox News continues:

Louk was one of the thousands of attendees at the Tribe of Nova music festival in Israel that was taken over by Hamas terrorists who killed hundreds and took others captive.

The graphic footage of Louk, unconscious, stripped down to her underwear in a pickup truck, made its way around social media. In the video, the woman is seen face down and her legs are bent abnormally.

Paramount to Israel’s strategic goals will be finding all the hostages, whether dead or alive. Hamas has used bodies of Israelis as bargaining chips before, which would conflict with Israel’s goal of total terrorism eradication.

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