Tensions Rise in the West Bank

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The West Bank is beginning to suffer from tensions as the War in Gaza heats up. Palestinians and Israeli settlers are beginning to murder each other while the Israeli Army tries to keep the peace.

Over one hundred Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces. Hamas does not control the West Bank, but many Palestinians still support them. The NY Times says:

Violence in the West Bank, where millions of Palestinians live under Israeli military occupation, continues to simmer amid the war in Gaza. At least 128 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli security forces or civilians in the West Bank since Oct. 7, according to the United Nations.

On Thursday, an Israeli settler was killed when Palestinians opened fire on his car as he drove home from military duty, according to the Israeli military and medics. The local settler regional council identified the victim as Elhanan Klein, 29, a father of three and reservist.

The United Nations is beginning to get involved in the situation, deploring the increased violence. Jewish protesters have also been arrested by Israeli troops. France24 reports:

The United Nations rights office on Friday described the situation in the West Bank as “alarming”, saying Israeli forces were increasingly using military tactics and weapons in law enforcement operations there.

“While much attention has been on the attacks inside Israel and the escalation of hostilities in Gaza since the 7th of October, the situation in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is alarming and urgent,” said Liz Throssell, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

The West Bank is currently implementing the Oslo Accords where some areas are managed by the Palestinian government. While the war in Gaza will most likely create more unrest, it will probably not result in the destruction of the Accords.

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