American Journalist Dies in Ukrainian Prison

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Tucker Carlson is claiming that an American journalist Gonzalo Lira died in Ukrainian custody. Lira was imprisoned for opposing the war in Ukrainian when he was living in the country. The exact circumstances surrounding his death are unknown, but his jailing conditions were probably horrific.


The Biden Administration did not do anything to free an American citizen imprisoned by an ally. While he might have been critical of the Administration, it would still be incumbent upon the US Government to attempt his release. The Post Millennial reports:

Gonzalo Lira has reportedly died in a Ukrainian prison. Lira, a 55-year-old American journalist, had been held in a Ukrainian prison. He was arrested in May 2023 by Ukrainian security services.

Lira had been critical of the Zelensky regime in Ukraine and had spoken out against the war that was being waged against neighbor Russia, saying that the efforts by Ukraine and the US were fruitless and wasting lives in a losing undertaking. In their announcement of Lira’s detention, Ukraine issued a press release claiming that Lira was “one of the first to support the Russian invaders and glorify their war crimes.” They claimed that he had “engaged in discrediting the top military and political leadership and the Defense Forces of our state.”

Lira was a journalist and film maker who was in Ukraine when the 2022 War began. His opposition to Zelensky has been The Independent released this when he was imprisoned:

The YouTuber and contributor to the far-right Zero Hedge finance and news blog remains imprisoned in Ukraine after his arrest earlier this year on charges of disseminating pro-Russian propaganda during wartime. Fans of Lira describe him as a journalist, while his critics describe him as an apologist for Vladimir Putin and accuse him of spreading conspiracy theories about shadowy American biolabs supposedly hidden in the country (among other topics). In videos, he has praised the supposed tactical brilliance of the Russian military offensive, denied massacres of civilians committed by Russian forces and doxxed western journalists covering the war from the ground in Ukraine.

His arrest in July was followed by a period of several weeks’ imprisonment, after which he resurfaced in a video posted to his channel on 31 July.

Ukraine could have deported him back to America, but knew that he would continue his reporting or propaganda from abroad. This is a warning that just because a country is allied to America doesn’t mean it will treat Americans well.

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