Netanyahu Has This To Say About Biden

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Netanyahu is ramping up his attacks on Biden over the battle in Rafah. After originally backing Israel’s response, Biden is now pulling the brakes. Among other things, Biden wants to build a pier to deliver aid in Gaza, though this could create more friction.

Netanyahu is fully focused on bringing the war to a close, . Secondarily, Netanyahu’s own domestic profile is mixed, with many Israelis upset at his management of Gaza prior to the October 7 attacks. His judiciary reform had also previously made him unpopular. Reuters reports:

U.S. President Joe Biden spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday and discussed the situation in Rafah and efforts increase aid to Gaza, the White House said.

The call was the first between the two leaders since Feb. 15, opens new tab and comes amid sharp tensions between Israel and its most steadfast ally over Netanyahu’s handling of the war in Gaza that followed Hamas’ deadly Oct. 7 attack inside Israel.

America, already not popular among the people of the region, is now threatening its reputation among Israelis. Netanyahu accused the United States of wanting to coup its government, especially when Chuck Schumer pushed for new elections. Fox News continues:

Netanyahu had issued a sharp rebuttal to Schumer on Sunday, saying during an interview on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that his comments on the Senate floor were “wholly inappropriate.”

“I think we’re not a banana republic. The people of Israel will choose when they’ll have elections, who they elect, and it’s not something that will be foisted upon us,” Netanyahu added.

Conservative commentators have observed that America is simultaneously paying for Israel’s military and Gaza’s reconstruction. Hamas’ fate is almost certain, though many officials could escape to third countries out of Israel’s reach. Putting Gaza under the control of the moderate Palestinian authority could discredit it in the eyes of the people, making it harder to solve the problem long term.

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