Israel and Morocco Strengthen Friendship

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Photo Credit: edu_castro27, via Pixabay

The King of Morocco has formally invited the Prime Minister of Israel to visit the country, The Jerusalem Post reports.

This came following Israel’s recognition of Morocco’s territorial claim on Western Sahara. In exchange, Morocco has established diplomatic with Israel. Western Sahara, formerly a colony of Spain, was occupied by Morocco before it could achieve sovereignty. The deal to normalize relations was reached back in 2020 during the Trump Presidency as part of the Abraham Accords.

Israel and Morocco have not yet opened embassies, but have cooperated on a range of issues such as security and tourism. The President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, delivered an address to the US Congress in part to follow through with the Abraham Accords.

Numerous African and Western countries support Morocco’s claim on the region, while Third-Worldist countries such as Iran, North Korea, and vast swathes of Africa recognize the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Israel has a large population of Moroccan-Jews, who made an important impact on both countries. Moroccan Jews were the descendants of those expelled following the end of Islamic rule in Spain. Morocco maintains close historic ties with the United States, going back to the American Revolution.


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