Homeless Crime Crisis Impacting Diplomacy

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The consul general of Japan in Portland was attacked in broad daylight, the New York Post reports.

The 62 year old was walking in a city park when he was attacked, pushed to the ground where he received a head wound. He was hospitalized following the attack.

His attacker, Alissa Robinson, was found by police and arrested. It was discovered that she has a history of assault on people of Asian extraction. The Portland authorities refused to either jail her, saying she was mentally unfit to stand trial, nor send her to a mental institution as she did not “present public safety concerns.”

Robinson also committed crimes against children but was still released:

A year earlier, Robinson was “flipping people off” in Portland’s China Town when she allegedly attacked a mother and child, kicking over a baby stroller with a 1-year-old inside. She was quoted as telling cops, “They were in the way so they got decked … I meant to do it.”

Consul generals are like junior ambassadors, responsible for serving their country’s community in major cities that are not the capital, where the embassy is. Countries usually place consulates in cities where they have many of their citizens. Japan has 18 consulates throughout the United States in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Honolulu. The United States has 5 consulates in Japan, such as Sapporo and Nagoya.

The crime wave in major cities in America and the powerlessness of authorities to prevent it now has international implications. Other countries, especially Asian ones, could end up raising their travel advisory levels, warning their citizens of dangers in America.


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