North Korea Deploys New Asset

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North Korea has reportedly put its first spy satellite in orbit. This has caused great consternation among its enemies, the United States and Japan.

With new satellites in space, North Korea is now able to monitor American troop movements all around the globe. It can also pre-plan strikes and invasions with greater accuracy. CNN reports:

North Korea on Wednesday said it had put its first spy satellite into orbit and vowed further launches to defend against what it called its “enemies’ dangerous military maneuvers.”

Analysts said if the spacecraft works, it could provide significantly improve North Korea’s military capabilities, including enabling it to more accurately target opponents’ forces.

The satellite deployment was completed by shooting a ballistic rocket, which is illegal under international law. North Korea in technically prohibited from space launches as it is very hard to tell the difference between a space rocket and a military missiles. Yahoo News continues:

The missile launch on Tuesday evening prompted Japan to issue an emergency warning to its citizens on the island of Okinawa to take cover over a possible threat from North Korea. The alarm has since been lifted.

North Korea is prohibited from conducting satellite launches, according to resolutions imposed by the United Nations Security Council. “Even if the purpose is to launch a satellite, using ballistic missile technology is a violation of a series of U.N. Security Council resolutions,” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters on Tuesday. “It is also a matter that greatly affects national security.”

The North Korean regime makes it more and more difficult to invade or strike. At the same time, South Korea’s own capabilities are growing which would deter a Northern attack. Reunification between the two Koreas could be possible, but not through a war.

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