Terrorist Attack Strikes Europe

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A Muslim man stabbed a tourist to death in France. Because he yelled the traditional war cry of Islamists, it is almost certain that the killing was religiously and politically motivated.

A stabbing of a French boy by Muslim youth in November near the Southern town of Romans-sur-Isere has re-opened the conversation of growing Islamism and terrorism in France. Combined with France having the highest Muslim and Jewish population in Europe, civil unrest is rife. Fox News reports:

A suspect has been arrested after killing one person and injuring another in an ambush attack near the Eiffel Tower on Saturday, according to a post by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin on X.

”The police have just courageously arrested an assailant attacking passers-by in Paris, around the Quai de Grenelle. One deceased person and one injured person treated by the Paris Fire Brigade. Please avoid the area,” Darmanin posted.

France is highly reliant on tourism for its international image and economy. The attack happening against a tourist right next to its most well known landmark could make many reconsider their vacation plans. CBS continues:

The man killed in the attack was a German tourist, Darmanin told reporters at the scene.

”A man attacked a couple who were foreign tourists,” Darmanin said. “A German tourist who was born in the Philippines died from the stabbing.”

The stabbing in Ireland earlier in November, combined with violent unrest by Pro-Hamas protesters, is raising terror alerts across the Western World. Western Europe will most likely see more attacks by Islamists and potentially some indiscriminate retaliation by far-right groups.

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