Pentagon Betrays Family of Fallen Marine

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The Pentagon has refused to pay for the transfer of the remains of a fallen Marine, Fox News reports.

The remains of Sergeant Nicole Gee, who was one of the 13 Marines who died during Biden’s Afghan withdrawal, were initially flown to her hometown of Roseville, California.

Due to a law change, the Department of Defense denied the request to cover the costs to move her remains to Arlington cemetery. The Pentagon has not publicly addressed the issue.

A patriotic association, Honoring Our Fallen, has since covered the $60,000 bill for the Gee family, but Congressional Republicans are already attempting to remedy the situation, with Representative Cory Mills leading the effort.

This comes at a time when the Pentagon has proposed increasing spending for abortions and transgender surgeries. The Biden Administration has also recently announced another $400 million aid package for Ukraine.


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